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  • John DEE - OSLO - Lørdag 26. november Morudes + Bushman's Revenge


    John DEE - Lørdag 26. november
    Morudes + Bushman's Revenge

    Den upolerte rockeduoen Morudes beskriver musikken sin som psykedelisk ørken­rock. De blander energisk indie­rock med blues og psykedelia, og tråkker i de musikalske fotsporene til storheter som Hendrix, Bombino og Mars Volta, toppet med melodiøse vokallinjer. Morudes består av de anerkjente brødrene Amund og Henrik Maarud, som sammen har vært grunnmur i en rekke prosjekter på tver av sjangere. Første fullengder fra duoen kommer i oktober.

    Den potente powertrioen Bushman’s Revenge er blitt kalt en missing link mellom Albert Ayler og Black Sabbath. Digger du disse og kanskje også Hendrix, «Red»-perioden til King Crimson og John Coltrane er dette din tekopp. Bandet er straks ute med sitt åttende album.

    Bill. kr. 250,- + bill.avg. 18 år leg.

  • Updated concert list 2016!

    Watch out world!!!!!

    We will visit you soon, with two brand new records for sale:)

    Bushman's Revenge release tour 2016

    "Jazz, fritt etter hukommelsen"


    "Bushman's Fire"

    06.09.- Royal Room, Seattle (US)
    07.09.- Turn Turn Turn, Portland (US)
    08.09.- Orchard House, Santa Rosa (US)
    09.09.- Night Light, Oakland (US)
    10.09.- All Star Lanes, Los Angeles (US)
    21.09.- Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo (NO)
    24.09.- Sonic Transmissions, Austin (US)
    25.09.- FL!GHT Gallery, San Antonio (US)
    26.09.- RBC, Dallas (US)
    29.09.- Adlib/Nødutgang, Bodø (NO) *
    02.10.- Lundetangen Pub, Skien (NO)
    09.12.- State-X New Forms, Den Haag (NL)

    *feat: Kjetil Møster & David Wallumrød

    Two brand new records out now on Rune Grammofon!!!

    Even Helte Hermansen-guitars
    Rune Nergaard-bass
    Gard Nilssen-drums



  • US tour and new album(s!).

    We've got exciting plans for this autumn! 

    In september we're going on a US tour on the west coast and Texas. It's going to be a blast!!!

    AND we're releasing two new records!! One really kick ass live record with Kjetil Møster and David Wallumrød recorded live at Oslo Jazzfestival 2014, and a brand new studio album. The studio album was recorded at the great analog studio Athletic Sound in Halden, Norway. We recorded with the three of us standing in the same room playing live directly to tape.  We won't give away too much about the music just yet, but we have a pretty good feeling about this one. 

  • 2016!!!

    We're really looking forward to turn it up to 11 in 2016! We're goin to release a live record with the great Kjetil Møster and the great David Wallumrød recorded live at Oslo Jazzfestival! In May we'll record a new studio album! It's going to be great!! We'll tour Europe, Norway and USA!!! More info soon!

  • aaaaaAAAAnd we're BACK!!!

    And we're back in action!! Rehearsing some new stuff, some old, a small trip to Bergen, and getting ready to do some shows with David Wallumrød and Kjetil Møster next week. We're playing four gigs with Wallumrød and Møster during the summer. we're really looking forward to boogie with the two of them again! 

    Bushman's Revenge will also tour Canada and USA this summer. Check out our updated live dates in the concerts page! 

  • Festivals and concerts in Canada, USA, Denmark and Norway!

    Check out our updated concert list!

    Upcoming concerts

    20:30 | 21/05 2014 Nutshell, Nattjazz, Bergen
    19:00 | 22/06 2014 Vancouver Jazzfestival (CA)
    21:00 | 23/06 2014 The Royal Room, Seattle (US)
    21:00 | 26/06 2014 TBA, Chicago (US)
    20:00 | 29/06 2014 Ottawa Jazz festival (CA)
    21:00 | 30/06 2014 Nublu, New York (US)
    23:00 | 13/07 2014 Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Øksnehallen (DK)
    21:00 | 14/08 2014 Mono, Oslo Jazzfestival
  • Updated Tour Dates

    06.12 Brooklyn, NY (Fire House), US
    07.12 Baltimore (Orion), US
    10.12 Chicago (Jerry´s), US
    11.12 Milwaukee (Sugar Maple), US
    24.01 Bodø (Jazz Open), Norway
    29.01 Bern (B-flat), Switzerland
    31.01 München (Unterfahrt), Germany

  • Festivals and news!

    We're celebrating our 10th year as a band with concerts at Molde Jazzfestival, Kongsberg Jazzfestival and more! We're also happy to announce that we'll bring some of our friends and heroes to these concerts! Check out our updated concert list! 

    And for you guys in Oslo, we'll be playing the Match & Fuse Festival Friday the 14th of June. It's a great festival! Three days of free music, and a celebration of new, innovative genre breaking music!

    14.06 Oslo (Match & Fuse festival), Norway
    04.07 Kongsberg (Jazz Festival), Norway w/David Wallumrød and Kjetil Møster
    17.07 Molde (Jazz Festival) w/guests
    27.07 Skjerjehamn (Utkantfestivalen), Norway
    15.10 Copenhagen (Jazzhouse), Denmark
    25.10 Arendal (Munkehaugen), Norway

  • Updated concert list!

    We're going on a tour in february! Norway and Germany. Check out our updated dates!

    07.02 Oberhausen (Druckluft)
    09.02 Solingen (Waldmeister)
    11.02 Berlin (Tavil Studios, Warschauerstr. 58A)
    12.02 Hamburg (Bar 227)
    15.02 Skien (Ibsenhuset), Norway w/David Wallumrød
    19.02 Oslo (Crossroads), Norway w/David Wallumrød
    21.02 Lillehammer (Blue Note Jazzclub), Norway w/David Wallumrød

  • Øya Festival tomorrow!! Friday 10. of August 5.50 PM at the Vika stage!!! Be there!!

  • Updated concert list!

    We are happy to announce that we'll play a gig with Kjetil Møster at Kanalrock in Horten! We'll also play at the Øya Festival in Oslo and Varangerfestivalen in Vadsø this summer! ... AAAAND we will tour Japan in September! Check out our updated concert list!

  • New concert dates!

    2.5.2012 Blæst, Trondheim

    3.5.2012 Molde

    10.8.2012 Øya, Oslo

    11.8.2012 Varangerfestivalen

  • Release concerts in Norway.

    Tirs 6.3.2012 Unionen Scene, Drammen

    Ons 7.3.2012 Crossroad, Oslo

    Tors 8.3.2012 Cementen, Stavanger

    Fre 9.3.2012 Usf, Bergen



  • Our two new releases on Rune Grammofon


    Bushman's Revenge recently released two new records on Rune Grammofon. We had three great recording days in Athletic Sound, Halden, and recorded:

    1: A Little Bit Of Big Bonanza. Original songs only, except Sonny Sharrock's As We Used To Sing. It's released both on CD and vinyl. The vinyl version has a beautiful gatefold sleeve! 

    2: Never Mind The Botox. Consists of only cover songs except the tune Bushman's Rock. It's released on vinyl only with free mp3 download of the whole album. On Never Mind The Botox we wanted to record some of our personal favourites and ended up with this tracklist: 

    Bushman Rock (Bushman´s Revenge)
    War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
    Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman)
    Bob Hunds 115:e Sång (Bob Hund)
    No Time This Time (Police)
    We Travel The Spaceways (Sun Ra)
    Monkey Gone To Heaven (Pixies)

    And of course, the beautiful sleeves are made by Kim Hiorthøy. 

    www.runegrammofon.com writes this about the records: 


    It´s no secret that we have a soft spot for this fabulous group and would wish nothing less than world domination for them. With one leg in heavy rock and one in jazz, what they do seems to be almost a lost art when it comes to making records. Basically meaning great musicians playing together in a proper recording studio, interacting and playing off each other. The tracks are mostly first or second takes, there is no editing and just a couple of overdubs on the whole album. And while guitarist Even Helte Hermansen is the natural focal point there are no big egos at work here, this is a solid unit where all members are equally important for the end result. Just listen to the ”loose but tight” interplay on the opening track, a ferocious and joyful interpretation of Sonny Sharrock´s  ”As We Used To Sing”. And  they´re all still in their twenties.


    This is the companion to the Bonanza album, recorded during the same sessions in Athletic Sound. Here they cover some of their personal favourites, fully showing the diversity of artists that is so typical for the listening habits of young Norwegian musicians not subscribing to specific genres. Meaning you will find Back Sabbath and Pixies side by side with Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra. And with ”Bushman Rock” they also cover themselves. This song was left off the ”Jitterbug” album but they recorded a vastly improved version for this new album. And their take on Sabbath´s ”War Pigs” is absolutely blazing.



  • Welcome to Bushman's Revenges' Homepage!

    After touring and playing concerts for almost 10 (!) years, we're finally online!! On our page you can read the latest news, follow our tourdates and watch videos and pictures from our tours and recording sessions!